Just sharing ...

Hello all!
I just wanted to share this awesome cards that Annabel made 
with dies from Crafty Kitty Cat Shop!

On this card Annabel use

On this cute cards Annabel use

on this awesome cards Annabel use


  1. Thanks for the post! :D Just want to say I ordered these from another shop in the UK (where I am) and after 3 months of still no post I had to cancel my order. I then ordered the same thing from The Crafty Kitty Cat Shop, it was half the price and was with me in a week. AND I had a freebie. :) I'm already onto my second order, I am a happy customer :) Also, I had been waiting to make these cards for 3 months, so I was pretty excited when Fiki saved me and the dies came. I made 8 in one day, lol! :D x

    Annabel - Knitty Kitty Digis

  2. thank you for your kind words!
    Im so happy you are happy customer !


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